Monday, April 9, 2012

Bee Went Camping

Hello everyone!

Long time, no post! At the tail end of last week, Luke and I, along with his two brothers and sister in law, headed down to Cornwall to get away from it all. Copious amounts of BBQ food was consumed and a billion layers were worn to combat the freezing cold British nights (read: I wore a top, two tees, a long sleeved top, 2 thick jumpers, tights, jeans, 3 pairs of pj bottoms, two pairs of socks, slippers and a snood whilst cowering under three layers of bedding and my coat!) Despite the painful lows of the weather, camping was still awesome! Although, I'm pretty happy to be back in the comfort of my own bed. I've still not got the internet where I'm living at the moment so I'm completely out of touch with the online world! It's a weird feeling but I think I might pop to Luke's tomorrow and steal his internet so that I can catch up with all the goings on! I'll be back soon with some more of my camping photographs (I'm horrendously running out of time right now!!) <3 

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